The killed labor and farmer activists: Mr. Edilberto Miralles, Ms. Emerenciana Mercado-de la Cruz, Ms. Violeta Mercado, and others. de Leon, Mr. Eligio Barbado, Mr. Gaudencio Baga, Mr. Ariel Diaz, Mr. Orlando Abangan, and Mr. Arnel Figueroa. We share our deepest condolences.

We believe that the murders are politically motivated, limiting the space for civil society in the country. The incidents are clearly aimed at suppressing those who fight for people's rights and intimidating those who fight against the tyranny of the state and the capital.

The Philippine government should protect its people from any form of violence. The extrajudicial killings in the name of the so-called was a peaceful situation in a society. Instead, they promote a culture of violence, making the government ignorant and useless in its obligation to protect and fulfill the rights of the people.

The state can no longer be silent and indifferent, especially when human rights defenders become targets of summary executions. The state has the responsibility to prevent the violation of human rights.

Therefore, we urge the Philippines to immediately stop and prevent all forms of violence. Violence does not address the roots of the problems of the society. Instead, it becomes a tool to weaken the social movement in the Philippines. The government should therefore investigate the murders objectively and fairly. It should therefore guarantee a free, democratic, and safe space for people to fight for their rights.

As we believe the violent acts against labor activists and peasant leaders are against humanity, we therefore strongly urge the Philippines' Commission on Human Rights to be involved in the investigation of the murders.

Jakarta, 26 September 2016

In the name of the Indonesian Social Movement


1. Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ)
2. The Federation of Indonesian Labor Struggle (FPBI)
3. Sedane Labor Resource Center (LIPS)
4. Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SafeNet)
5. Indonesian Struggle Union (PPI)
6. Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC)
7th Indonesian Student Union (SMI)
8th Anarkonesia
9th SatuDunia (OneWorld)
10th Women of Mahardhika
11th The Federation of Cross-Factory Labor (FBLP)
12. The People Politic (Politics Rakyat)
13. The Federation of Independent Labor Union (FSBM)
14. The Federation of Indonesian Labor Movement Union (FSPBI)
15. Gema Demokrasi
16. People Solidarity for Democracy (SORAK), Bandung
17. PurpleCode Collective
18. The Legal Aid of Journalist (LBH Pers)
19. The Legal Aid of Padang Journalist (LBH Pers Padang)
20. The Church of Grace Community-Reformed Baptist Salemba (Gereja Komunitas Anugerah Reformed Baptist Salembal
21st Ultimus Bandung
22. The Union of Indonesian Culture Society against Militarism
23. The Federation of Labor Struggle Solidarity (Federasi Gabungan Solidaritas Perjuangan Buruh)
24. The Labor Union of Jabodetabek Railway (SPKAJ Jabodetabek)
25. The United Struggle Organization of Youth (KPOP)
26. The Women Institute (Perempuan Institute)
27. Rumah Belajar Rakyat
28. Ernawati
29. The Confederation of Indonesian People Struggle (KPRI)
30. Initiative Association
31. Papua Democratic People Movement
32nd Independent Forum of Papua Student (Forum Independen Mahasiswa Papua)
33. People Movement for Democracy (GELORA DEMOCRASI, PALU)
34. PMII metro makassar 
35. The Confederation of National Union (KSN)
36. The
Confederation of Karya Utama Labor Union (FSBKU-KSN) 37. The Confederation of Indonesian People Struggle - BANTEN (KPRIVANTS)
38. The Union of Indonesian Farmer Movement (P3I)
39. Forum Solidaritas Yogyakarta Damai (FSYD)
40. Serikat buruh kerakyatan (Serbuk)
41. PRP (Partai Rakyat Pekerja)
42. FPBN (Federasi Perjuangan Buruh Nasional-SulSel)
43. INKRISPENA (Research Center for Crisis and Alternative Development Strategy)
44. Aliensi migran progresif
45. Pusat Perjuangan Rakyat Indonesia (PPRI)
46. Pusat Perjuangan Mahasiswa untuk Pembebasan Nasional (PEMBEBASAN)

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