aepf10logoA call to social movements, frontline communities

and campaigning networks, and progressive NGOs,

academics and parliamentarians across Asia and Europe:

Join the 10th Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum

“Towards a Just and Inclusive Asia and Europe -

Building States of Citizens for Citizens”

Milan, Italy, 10-12 October 2014

The Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) will hold its 10th biennial People’s Forum on 10-12 October 2014 under the title Towards a Just and Inclusive Asia and Europe - Building States of Citizens for Citizens”. 

AEPF10 will tackle major themes or People’s Visions, which represent AEPF’s hopes for citizens of Europe and Asia.  These are:

-                Socially Just Trade and Investment

-               Universal and Transformative Social Protection – Guaranteed Decent Work and Sustainable Livelihoods, Access to Essential Services and Social Security for All;   

-                Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Land and Natural Resource Management;

-                Climate Justice, Sustainable Energy Production and Zero Waste; and

-                Peace and Security

Progress towards the realisation of these People’s Visions, or Alternatives, is at the heart of a way out of the multiple crises confronting people, states and institutions. The ecological, debt, financial, energy and food crises, which have been caused and compounded by the policies and practices of many governments in both rich and poor countries and their approaches to regulation of business, have caused increasing social polarization between peoples and states. In Asia the crises are exacerbating poverty and inequality, already widespread before the present crises. In Europe the crises are creating indebtedness, joblessness and insecurity.

We are increasingly experiencing ‘corporate capture’–multinational and national corporations structuring and determining our lives and livelihoods. The responses of citizens are often at local and national levels and to complement these, the AEPF is looking to encourage and strengthen cooperation and solidarity of people’s networks regionally, inter-regionally and globally. 

This is a call to social movements, frontline communities and campaigning networks, and progressive NGOs, academics and parliamentarians across Asia and Europe to come and join us, to be part of the AEPF10 Forum.  You can be part of an event that is open, dynamic and inclusive and focuses on meaningful and practical discussions for change.

AEPF10 will be an exciting series of interlinked dialogues, workshops, actions, policy debates and open spaces.

The forum will be held over 10th, 11th and 12th October 2014.

AEPF 10 will be in La Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, Milan

The working languages of AEPF10 are English and Italian.

eulog This event is supported by the European Union

10th Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum

Towards a Just and Inclusive Asia and Europe

Working Programme

Friday 10th October morning 9.30 – 13.00

Co - Moderators for official Opening of the AEPF: Dorothy Guerrero  and Andy Rutherford

We open with a speech from Shui-Meng Ng wife of Sombath Somphone from Laos.  Sombath was a co-organiser of AEPF9 in 2012 and was the victim of enforced Disappearance on 15th December 2012.

This will be followed by presentations from representatives from Italy, including Lucca de Fraia from the AEPF10 Milan Organising Group.

Linking Lampedusa to Milan - Migration Journeys

Co - Moderators for AEPF Session 1: Brid Brennan and Gianni Tognoni

AEPF Forum of Ideas - Our Current context and Challenges - Alternatives, Responses

There is a strong consensus across Asia and Europe that the dominant approach over the last decades - based around deregulation of markets, increasing power of multinational corporations, unaccountable multilateral institutions and trade liberalisation – is failing in its aims to meet the needs and rights of the poor. 

We have two inspiring sessions which will set the scene and inspire participants of the AEPF10 on the current Context and Challenges (session 1) to progressing “Towards a Just and Inclusive Asia and Europe” and Responses and Alternatives (session 2).

Speakers include:

Panel 1 on Context and Challenges

-        Anu Chenoy, Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)

-         Charles Santiago, Monitoring Sustainability of globalisatioN and Member of Parliament (Malaysia)

-         Meri Koivusalo, STAKES National Research and Development Centre on Welfare and Health (Finland)

-         Andy Storey, Action for Ireland (Ireland)

Panel 2 on Responses and Alternatives

-         Walden Bello, Member of Congress (Philippines)

-         Pablo Solon, Focus on the Global South (Thailand)

-        Yannis Almpanis, Syriza (Greece)

-         Lola Sanchez, Podemos Member of European Parliament (Spain)


Friday 10th October afternoon 14.30 -18.00

We have two parallel thematic plenaries

Thematic plenary 1: Socially Just Trade and Investment

Trade, Investment and Corporate Power - the plenary panel includes speakers from Italy, other European Countries and Asia who will dissect the elements of the economic agenda that is exemplified by TTIP, CETA and TISA in the case of Europe but also by TPP, EU FTAs, RCEP in the case of Asia, as well as the agenda for free trade in environmental goods and services and identify key points for campaigns and actions.

Co-organizers: Italian NO TTIP campaign, EU-ASEAN FTA Network, Focus on the Global South, Ecologistas en Acción (Spain), Transnational Institute,  Stiftung Asienhaus, Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, Transnational Migrant Platform.

Speakers include: Walden Bello (Philippines), Charles Santiago (MP Malaysia), Kenneth Haar (Corporate Europe Observatory, Belgium), Eleonora Forenza (MEP - GUE, Italy) , Antonio Tricarico (Re-Common, Italy), Joseph Purugganan (EU-ASEAN FTA Campaign and Focus on the Global South, Philippines), Tom Kucharz (Ecologistas en Acción, Spain), Brid Brennan (Transnational Institute)

Thematic plenary 2: Universal and Transformative Social Protection – Guaranteed Decent Work and Sustainable Livelihoods, Access to Essential Services and Social Security for All

Since the unfolding of the crisis in 2008, Asian and European social movements ​​have actively promoted social protection systems that cover the demands for decent work and livelihood, quality essential services, and social security. They seek nation- and region-wide and globally-funded social protection systems that are universal, rights-based, comprehensive, legislated, and state-underwritten with mechanisms for public control. They see these as fundamental contributions towards fulfilling the right to a life of dignity, empowering people and transforming societies.

At the plenary meeting, scholar activists and experts will present the contextual challenges (e.g., corporate hijacking) and workable alternatives. Experts from the ILO will also detail their recommendation for “social protection floors” and other resource persons will present their alternative proposals for a comprehensive, universal, and transformative social protection in the context of reclaiming the social commons.

Co-organizers: ARCI, Network for Transformative Protection in Asia (NTSP), Global Social Justice, ITUC, GUE-NGL

Speakers: Luciana Castellina (ARCI), Helmut Scholz (Die Linke), Francine Mestrum, Luise Steinwachs (Bread for the World), Tina Ebro (Network for Transformative Social Protection, Working Group for an ASEAN Social Agenda/Charter), Yannis Almpanis (Syriza), Eleonora Forenza (MEP, GUE-NGL), Yorgos Altintzis (Asia-Europe Labor Forum/ITUC), Priti Darooka (PWESCR), Sandeep Chachra (South-South People’s Solidarity Network), Kamal Chenoy, Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)

Summary: Maris dela Cruz (NTSP) 

Moderators: Birgit Daiber and Francine Mestrum

Workshops and Open Spaces

At the heart of the Asia Europe People’s Forum is the space and possibility for workshops and open spaces which are dynamic and self-organised.

These will take place over Friday 10th October afternoon, Saturday 11th October morning and Saturday 11th October afternoon in a range of venues in La Fabbrica del Vapore.

Workshops - Friday 10th October afternoon – 14h30 – 18h

Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)

This workshop will address WMDs and nuclear weapons in their various dimensions. It will show who uses and makes these weapons and why, when they have been used, by whom and on whom, what their impact is on people and the environment. It will address the issues of ethics and the illegality of WMDs and what steps should be taken for a nuclear weapon free world.

Presentation of VTR Messages from Hibakushas of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Appeal from Japan Confederation of Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Sufferers Organizations/ Japan

- With Lee Daehoon Francis (Peoples Solidarity for Participatory Democracy/Korea), Dong Huy Cuong (Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation/Vietnam), Giuseppe Schiavello (Campaign to Ban Landmines/Italy), Kamal Chenoy/Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace/India), Farooq Tariq (Awami Workers Party/Pakistan)

Moderators: Corazon Fabros (Stop the War Coalition Philippines) and Rete Italiana per il Disarmo

Expanding the Peace Coalition: Workshop on Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Gender Relations, Intercommunity and Identity Relations, Regional Conflicts

This session will give a broad overview of the regional, intra-state and local, violent conflicts and the impact these have on women, minorities and on the institutions of states. It will address the manner in which nationalisms are warped to oppress minorities, women, dissent and violate human rights. It will also initiate a discussion on alternatives.

- With: Pham Van Chuong (Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation/Vietnam), Alicia Cabezudo (International Peace Bureau/Spain), Wong Chin Huat (Penang Institute/Malaysia), Timo Juhani Virtala (Peace Union of Finland/Finland), Au Loong Yu (China Labor Net/China), Anuradha Chenoy (Jawaharlal Nehru University/India)

Moderators: Gus Miclat (Initiatives for International Dialogue/Philippines) and Rete Italiana per il Disarmo

No to nukes, Yes to sustainable Energy

Sharing of experiences, struggles and visions of grassroots movements for a safe and sustainable energy future. The claim that nuclear energy is indispensable for energy security is widely questioned. Nuclear energy expansion will detract from our real requirements of ecologically sustainable, decentralised and equitable models of energy supply and use. Activists involved in the anti-nuclear movement will present.

- With: Achin Vanaik and Praful Bidwai (Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament & Peace - CNDP, India), Ms. Vaishali Patil (India, Konkan Vinashkari Prakalap Virodhi Samiti)

Climate Justice and Reparations for Climate Debt

The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss in more detail the latest state of play of the international climate talks based on the latest findings of the IPCCC and the developments in the global movements. It will also be a venue to know more about the various climate impacts experienced in Asia and Europe including impacts on women, food sovereignty, climate migrants and refugees, and impacts on climate related disasters (i.e. Typhoon Haiyan). Participants will also be allowed to exchange ideas on strategies for building movements and fighting for climate justice.

Organizers: Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development, Indian Social Action Forum and Philippine Movement for Climate Justice. Contact persons: Claire Miranda (JSAPMDD), Willy D’Costa (INSAF)

- With: Lidy Nacpil (Philippines, Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development), Badrul Alam (Bangladesh Krishok Federation), Praful Bidwai (India, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace -CNDP), Mohammad Reza (Indonesia, KRuHA), Pierre Rousset (Europe solidaire sans frontières –ESSF, France)

Ensuring inclusive and quality education and lifelong learning for all in the post 2015 education agenda

Youth and adult education are at the centre of heated debates in Asia and Europe as well as in the deliberations leading to the World Education Forum and UN Summit where governments and other stakeholders will agree on global commitments to education post 2015. The workshop will advocate inclusive and holistic understanding of youth and adult education and recommend clear targets, policies, programmes and public financing that will ensure the right to quality education and lifelong learning for all.

Organizers :  DVV International, Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE), European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), ARCI

- With: Uwe Gartenschlaeger (DVV International), Rene Raya (ASPBAE), Tania Berman (EAEA), Valentina La Terza (ARCI). Moderator : Janos Toth

Caucus on a People's Social Agenda in the ASEAN  (17.30h -

Put forward ideas and perspectives on a social dimension in the ASEAN regional integration. Propose an alternative ​social agenda or ​charter that represents the interests of workers, farmers, and other groups, and guarantee a life of dignity and security for all in ASEAN, including migrants, refugees, and undocumented persons.

- With: ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights, NTSP, Monitoring Sustainability of Globalisation (Malaysia),  Hoang Phuong Thao (Director, Action Aid-Vietnam), Nyonyo Thin (head of opposition bloc in Myanmar Parliament), Charles Santiago (Member of Parliament, Malaysia), S.Tjandra (Trade Union Rights Center, Indonesia), Rex Varona (Migrants Forum Asia)

Saturday 11th October morning 9.30 – 13.00

We have two parallel thematic plenaries

Thematic Plenary 3: Food sovereignty and Sustainable Land and Natural Resource Management.

In response to the financial, economic, and ecological crises, a new wave of land, water and resource grabbing is occurring.  Powerful international and domestic forces are pushing forward a new round of enclosures globally for both food and non-food purposes.  There is a growing body of evidence that large-scale investments in agriculture and extractive industries are resulting in a cascade of negative impacts on rural livelihoods and ecologies, human rights, and local food security and food sovereignty.

Food sovereignty embraces dimensions such as right to food, valuing farmers, fishers, local production and environmental sustainability; each comes with its own gender dimension. It is in essence the right of people to control their own food systems, their own markets, production modes, food cultures and environment. As a movement it is capable of moving away from chemical intensive, fossil-fuel dependent industrial agricultural model that has contributed to global environmental degradation and the climate crises.

Co-organizers: Action Aid Italy, Transnational Institute, Focus on the Global South, Indonesia Global Justice, European Via Campesina,

Programme:  State of land and food, struggles and resistances

in Europe
Franziskus Forster from Attac Austria

in Italy

Leonardo Gallico: land access and land grabbing in the Italian context;  Pietro Porceddu: the case of land struggles in Sardinia; Antonio Onorati : Seeds and knowledge

in Asia

activist on land rights  TBC, Bratindi Jena, Leader, Natural Resources Hub at ActionAid India, Ka Elvie, PARAGOS, Philippines, Sheelu Francis, Leader of Tamil Nadu Women’s Collective

Ocean grabbing and fisheries
Mads Barbesgaard from Africa Kontakt

Thematic Plenary 4: Climate Justice, Sustainable Energy Production and Zero Waste.

The climate change talks have shown that the rich industrialised countries of the North are simply not prepared to shoulder their share of responsibility for emissions mitigation, let alone enabling the global South with finance and technology to avert emissions or to adapt to climate change.

We will gain an overview, exchange analyses and deepen collective understanding of the situation, critical trends and challenges in climate change, sustainable energy and waste management.  We will take stock of ongoing local, national and global campaigns on climate justice, on energy (against dirty and harmful energy; for peoples access to energy; for democratic governance of energy systems), and on waste management (people-centric solutions versus corporate).

Co-organizers: Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), Jubilee South -APMDD, Europe Solidaire sans Frontières, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace, Focus on the Global South, Zero Waste Europe, Ecologistas en Acción

Speakers include: Pierre Rousset (France), Praful Bidwai (India), Pablo Solon, Lidy Nacpil (Philippines),     Pal Martensson (Sweden), Joan Carling, Asian Indigenous People's Pact (The Philippines), Tom Kucharz (Spain), Speaker from Italy tbc

Workshops - Saturday 11th October morning – 9h30 – 13h

Trade, Investment and Corporate Nexus: State of Play of FTA Negotiations and Impacts of FTAS-BITS

Three topics will be discussed:

1. Critical analyses of FTAs from a union perspective, labour rights, the problem of the "locational advantage promise" in case the EU signs FTAs with other states in the region and the lack of participation of Unions in the negotiations

2. What are the motivations behind the Vietnamese attempts to negotiate with the EU on a FTA? (not to forget the other negotiations with other states)

3. Critical analysis of the effects of the agreements (including state-owned enterprises, coordination of the various agreements, etc.)

Organizers : Rosa Luxemburg Foundation  in cooperation with EU-ASEAN FTA Network, Transnational Institute, Ecologistas en Acción, Focus on the Global South, NO TTIP Italia Campaign, Stiftung Asienhaus

- With: Walden Bello (Philippines), Joseph Purugganan (Philippines), Van Ly Tran (Vietnam),

Thanh Nam Bui (Vietnam), Nguyen Anh (Vietnam),  Yuyun Harmono (Indonesia), Muhammad Ridha (Indonesia), Nurul Izzah (Malaysia), Cherry Zahau (Myanmar), Dharmendra Kumar (India), Kingkorn Narintarakulk (Thailand), Hae-Young Lee (South Korea), Wolfram Schaffer (Germany), Klaus Fritsche (Germany)

Tourism needs another governance

Irresponsible and unsustainable tourism development is taking place across much of Asia and Europe and it is violating the rights of the people, damaging the environment and so seriously undermining any progress towards more just and inclusive social and economic development. What alternatives are there and how can initiatives like community-based tourism, small-scale local initiatives and pro-poor initiatives influence specific tourism initiatives. How can citizens' action groups challenge the existing power structures in tourism?

- With: Andy Rutherford (Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel) Monika Duelge (Eine Welte), Sumesh Mangalassery (Kabani the other direction, India), Antje Monshausen, Brot für die Welt (Tourism Watch Germany)

Violent Conflicts, spreading strife: Workshop on Dangers of Armed Conflicts, Internal Conflict, Unresolved Conflicts, and Points of Conflagration 

This workshop will discuss the dangers of armed conflicts in all their dimensions. It will talk about the root causes of conflicts, the impact of the use of force by the state and armed militias, how the use of arms, even for just causes, leads to degeneration and violence against women. It will talk of internal conflicts, their suppression and resurgence. It will also discuss points of conflagration and the need for preventive steps for stopping armed conflicts.

- With Chito Sta. Romana (Philippine Association for Chinese Studies/Philippines), Naw Hla Hla Soe Susanna (Women Initiative Network for Peace/Myanmar Burma), Lee Daehoon Francis (Peoples Solidarity for Participatory Democracy/Korea), Ahmad Shahad Ud Din (Anjaman Taraqi Pesand Musanfeen/Pakistan), Augusto Miclat (Initiatives for International Dialogue/Philippines)

Moderators: Anuradha Chenoy and Rete Italiana per il Disarmo

Social Protection:  Decent Work and Sustainable Livelihoods

The best form of social protection is secure and dignified work and sustainable livelihoods. Demands are: living wages, work guarantees, end to contractualisation, shortening of the workday, ILO core labour standards, and social dialogue. With half of the world’s population still engaged in agriculture, land should be accessible to all tillers.

- With: ITUC, Network for Transformative Social Protection, ARCI, Rex Varona (migrants), Wilson Fortaleza (informal workers), Ronnie Febrianto (formal workers), Stefano Maruca (Fiom - CGIL), Sally Rousset (Babaylan- Philippine migrant women in France)

Speakers include: Farooq Tariq and Sandeep Chachra  

Women and Social Security and Protection 

The goal of the workshop on Women and Social Security and Protection is to assess the impact of and gaps in existing social security schemes from a women’s human rights perspective. The workshop will also bring experts from both Europe and Asia to share some of the discourses and challenges around the issues of social security, social protection, entitlements etc. 

- With: Priti Darooka (PWESCR), Shahnaz Iqbal (LEF, Pakistan), Usa Khiewrord (Thailand), Luise Steinwachs (Bread for the World), Christa Wichterich (Germany), Silvana Cappuccio (CGIL - Italy), Lily Thapa (Nepal), Zakir Hossain (Bangladesh), Sejal Dand (India)

Saturday 11th October afternoon 14.30 -18.00

We have one thematic plenary

Thematic Plenary 5: Peace and Security in Asia and in Europe

Multiple conflicts continue to threaten the lives of people of Asia and Europe. These violent conflicts range from unresolved territorial and border issues of land and sea; ethnic/identity conflicts, violent attempts to capture power, sectarian and fundamentalist movements, and terrorism. These conflicts are increased by geo strategic rivalries between hegemonic and great powers. These conflicts are powered by the ideology as well as physical expansion of militarism. This militarization reinforces masculinity, and gender stereotypes that marginalizes and excludes women and other already marginalized minorities. In this situation the AEPF advocates alternate ways of looking at peace within a rights framework. AEPF plenary session will question the dominant paradigm that talks of ‘managing peace’ with the use of war. It will look for strategies of building coalitions for real peace and human security, and de-militarization. 

Co-organizers: Indian AEPF Committee, the Vietnamese Peace and Development Foundation, Stop The War Coalition Philippines, Peace Boat (Japan), the International Peace Bureau (IPB), the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT), the Finnish AEPF Committee, Rete Italiana per il Disarmo.

Speakers include: Achin Vanaik (Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace/India), Chito Sta. Romana (Philippine Association for Chinese Studies/Philippines), Ingeborg Breines (International Peace Bureau/ Norway), Lisa Clark (International Peace Bureau/Italy), Kalle Sysikaski (AEPF Peace Committee/Finland), Pham Van Chuong (Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation/Vietnam), Peace Boat/Japan (tbc), Martin Broek (European Network Against Arms Trade/The Netherlands, tbc).

Documentation and Summing up: Dong Huy Cuong (Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation/Vietnam)

Moderators: Nguyen Van (IOC/Vietnam) and Francesco Vignarca (Rete Italiana per il Disarmo)

Workshops - Saturday 11th October afternoon – 14h30 – 18h

Ocean Grabbing and fisheries

Ocean Grabbing involves the capturing of control by powerful economic actors of crucial decision-making around fisheries, including the power to decide how and for what purposes marine resources are used, conserved and managed now and in the future. Although these dynamics are very similar to other ‘resource-grabs’ (e.g. land) the issue of ocean grabbing has as of yet not been placed firmly on the agenda of progressive social movements, civil society organizations and academics.

Organizers: Crocevia Italy, Transnational Institute, Indonesia for Global Justice, Afrika Kontakt, World Forum of Fisher Peoples

- With: Mads Barbesgaard (Afrika Kontakt), Riza Damanik (IGJ and Indonesian fisheries organization), Alain Le Sann (International Collective in Support of Fishworkers)

Tax justice, social protection and corporate domination

This activity is envisioned as a capacity-building workshop on advocating and campaigning around tax justice issues. As a learning activity, it will feature organizations and activists who have campaigned on different concerns using a tax justice framework. It will also provide opportunities for advocates and campaigners to propose cross-country initiatives particularly where issues of tax evasion and avoidance, corrupt practices and tax havens are concerned.

Organizer: Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development c/o Claire Miranda

- With Charles Santiago (Malaysia), Claire Miranda (Philippines, JSAPMDD), Lidy Nacpil (Philippines), ATTAC Europe (TBC)

Democracy and Human Rights in Thailand

The military coup d’état in May of this year is a major setback for democracy and human rights in Thailand. This forum aims to discuss the current situation and the perspectives for social movements in Thailand. In particular, it hopes to develop ideas on what social movements in Europe and elsewhere in Asia can do to support democracy and human rights in Thailand. 

Organizers: Stiftung Asienhaus (Germany), International Solidarity Group for Democracy and Human Rights in Thailand, LEMS - Laboratorio di Etnografia dei Movimenti Sociali (Italy)

- With: Junya Lek Yimprasert (former director Thai Labour Campaign), Saksith Saiyasombut (Political blogger and journalist), Claudio Sopranzetti (Oxford University), Pitch Pongsawat (Thailand: Political Analyst and Columnist), Jaran Ditaphichai (former Commissioner on Human Rights, Thailand).    Moderator: Oliver Pye (Asienhaus)

Zero waste: Towards sustainable resource and energy consumption and production

Waste should be reckoned as a resource. This workshop, therefore, aims to present some alternative paths towards a more responsible and sustainable way of handling waste that would not only overcome some of the most pressing ecological and energy concerns, but could also support combating poverty. 

The discussion will focus on Zero Waste as a philosophy, strategy, and as set of practical tools or practices seeking to eliminate waste. This would at the same time help achieving sustainable energy use, resource utilization and secure and improved livelihood conditions for the people.

Organizers: Zero Waste Europe, Rifiuti Zero Italia, SEED

-With: Pal Martensson (Zero Waste Europe, Sweden), Danilo Boni (Rifiuti Zero/Zero Waste Italy, Milan), Dann Diez (Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities, Philippines), GAIA (tbc), Maris dela Cruz (Philippines)

Challenging the current Trade, Investment & Corporate Power nexus. What do we have to do to get rid of the TTIP and TPP?

The Asia Europe Peoples’ Forum (AEPF) would like to exchange campaign experiences among activists from Asia and Europe on strategies of resistance drawing lessons also from other regions: to share initiatives on building alternatives and propose joint recommendations for synergies and joint actions in the coming period which will contribute to strengthening more effective convergence of  movements and networks.

- Organizers: Transnational Institute, NO TTIP Italia Campaign, EU- ASEAN FTA Network, Focus on the Global South, Ecologistas en Acción, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Stiftung Asienhaus, Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power

With: Tom Kucharz (Ecologistas en Acción-Spain), Marco Bersani (ATTAC Italia), Roeline Knottnerus (TNI – SOMO Netherlands), Edwin Bustillos (Alliance of Progressive Labor/SENTRO- Philippines), Monica di Sisto (FairWatch, Italy), Daniel Bertosa (tbc/PSI), Riza Damanik (Indonesia for Global Justice - Indonesia).

Women’s perspectives on Food Sovereignty: An Asia-Europe Social Movement Dialogue

Women farmers, especially from the South, produce a significant portion of the world’s food. Yet their role as producers is not recognised and they continue to be discriminated in terms of access to land, agricultural inputs, financial services and technology. Food sovereignty is a concept which embraces dimensions such as the right to food, valuing farmers and farm workers, local production and environmental sustainability; each comes with its own gender dimension. Therefore the role and participation of women is central to food sovereignty.

- With: Action Aid Milano, Suman Sahai, Geneviève Savigny, European Smallholders’ Movement, European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) Valentina Hemmeler Maïga, Uniterre Switzerland. Moderator: Anuradha Chenoy

Social Protection: Essential Services and Social Security for All

Panel 1: Social Security

Demands are: living pensions, sickness insurance, unemployment, and natural disasters allowances, basic amounts for children and for disabled people, no to public-private partnerships, no to financialisation of social security, development of non-contributory systems based on taxes as well as public-public partnerships that include uncovered majority.

- With: ARCI, NTSP, Global Social Justice, Roni Febrianto (Indonesian Trade Union Confederation - KSPI), Nyo Nyo Thin (MP, Myanmar), Usa Khiewrord (HelpAge International), Saowalak Thongkuay (Disabled People’s International-Asia-Pacific), Gunnel Axelsson (Church of Sweden) on social pension system, Koen Detavernier (11.11.11) on Belgian National Coalition’s platform on social security, Barbara Caracciolo (SOLIDAR)

Moderator: Richard Werly. Summing up: Edda Pando (ARCI)

Panel 2: Essential Services/Common Goods

Essential services such as health care, education, housing, water, power, and public transport are fundamental components of social protection that belong to the core obligations of the state, and must be available, accessible, and affordable for all. Demands are: no privatisation and marketisation of these essential services, consider these services as “common goods” owned by citizens that must be managed in a democratic and participative way, underwritten by a people-centred state.

- With: ARCI, NTSP, Global Social Justice, Christine Roperez (IPD), Surya Tjandra (Trade Union Rights Center), Ricardo Petrella, Alda Sousa (former MEP-Portugal/GUE-NGL), Rafaella Bollini (ARCI)

Social Protection: In Defence of the Commons Debate (17h30 - )

Crucial to a life of well-being and dignity, this right to social protection is part of the social commons, where the commons are essential things that support life. The commons paradigm is central to the sought-for alternative system that provides for the needs of individual and society, and that considers the regenerative capacities of the environment. As a counterweight to the neoliberal storyline, the framework asserts that the commons and public goods should not be marketed as commodities.

- ​With: Common Good Network, South-South Solidarity People's Movement, Network for Transformative Social Protection, Birgit Daiber (Italy/Belgium), Sandeep Chachra (India), Ana Maria Nemenzo (Philippines), Tommaso Fattori (Italy), Farooq Tariq (Pakistan), Francine Mestrum (Belgium)

Speakers include: Anne-Marie Mineur ( MEP, GUE-NGL),  Emmanuele Patti (ARCI)

Sunday 12th October morning 10.00 – 13.00

Our closing and looking forward

Co - Moderators : Andy Rutherford and Tina Ebro 

Highlights of 5 thematic Plenaries

-        Socially Just Trade and Investment

-        Universal and Transformative Social Protection – Guaranteed Decent Work and Sustainable Livelihoods, Access to Essential Services and Social Security for All;   

-        Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Land and Natural Resource Management;

-        Climate Justice, Sustainable Energy Production and Zero Waste; and

-        Peace and Security

Presentation, discussion then adoption of AEPF10 Final Declaration

Closing speaker

Responses from

-        Luciana Castelini (Italy)

-        Mariana Mortagua (Portugal)

-        ​​Farooq Tariq (Pakistan)

​​Thanks and looking forward

-        ​​​AEPF IOC Coordinators

-        Italian NOC Representative


Support for the Asia Europe People’s Forum 10

We are able to organise the AEPF10 thanks to the significant support from a range of organisations including:-

All the members of the AEPF International Organising Committee, including the two focal points of Transnational Institute (TNI), The Netherlands and the Institute for Popular Democracy (IPD) The Philippines.

The Milan Organising Group:- ARCI Milano, Action Aid, Rete Italiana per il Disarmo, Altreconomia, Instituto Cooperazione Economica Internationale.

eulog logoaeumeetingWe have support for participation of 85 speakers and resource people and key logistical aspects from the ASEM Dialogue Facility of the European Union through DEVCO.

The Trade and investment cluster is partly funded through EuropeAid funding to the project ‘Making EU investment work for sustainable development”

The venue- La Fabbrica del Vapore – is a contribution from the Milan City Council

We have support from a range of other organisations in many forms including the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, 11-11-11 Belgium and Action Aid.

We warmly thank all the women, men and organisations who are making AEPF10 possible.

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